A House is Becoming a Home

Okay so today’s post isn’t all that exciting for you, but for me it’s awesome. I got my Christmas present from my parents today (it was on back order). It’s a gorgeous red rug! My kitchen and living room connect and its decorated in deep browns and reds. I’m planning on throwing in some purples and greens, but hey, when you’re just starting out the decorating part can take a while. We built this house a little over a year now, and it feels like it’s just starting to come together. I’m hesitant to hang anything on the wall, but have managed to hang the pictures taken this summer by Jake Easley and the one’s I showed you earlier in this post. By the way, if you’re a fan of, Jake won the weekly challenge for Vroom, Vroom last year, and I’m lucky enough to have him living in my little town. I digress, back to the rug. Our living room tends to echo because of the high ceilings and a lack of furniture. Maybe now it will feel a little more like a home.

Blah Boo Blech

What a lackluster day. I couldn’t find inspiration to take a picture today, so this is what you get. Yeah…sorry about that, but at least I’m posting…right? This is from an old fishing net, that is currently hanging in the spare bedroom. I couldn’t take a decent picture today to save my life, and like a couple of photographers have told me “you can’t make a bad picture good” but this is 365 days of pictures so good or not I’m determined to post.  However, I have been reading a ton about composition, lighting, and camera settings. So not all is lost. I’ll get my mojo back tomorrow….I think that’s more of me pumping myself up than anything :).

Christmas Tree’s


Well this picture doesnt do it justice, but we finished decorating our Christmas Tree today. After about five trips to K-Mart. Ugh. Roman decorated the bottom of the tree and I decorated the top. I think it came out pretty good. I think next year we’ll buy the tree in a pot so we can plant it.

This is our fake tree. I think it’s cute too. 🙂


We bought our Christmas tree today, but unfortunately we didn’t finish decorating it so that picture will have to wait until tomorrow.  Instead I took a picture of the ornaments and tried my hand at bokeh.  I like how it turned out. Im also learning how to use textures in Photoshop thanks to Kim Klassen’s class. Maybe Ill post something later.

Decorating Confusion


I’m not sure that I’ve ever wanted to decorate for Christmas so early in the year before. I am so excited about Christmas this year, well not so much Christmas but everything that Christmas is about. I’m looking forward to family and friends getting together, the smell and taste of fresh-baked cookies, the Christmas music,the excitement and anticipation of the little ones, everything!  So for now I guess I’ll just have Fall and Christmas decorations up, at least until the day after Thanksgiving. 🙂

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

If you’ve lived in Ridgecrest for any amount of time chances are that you have walked by or driven by this house for a long time. Sal, Roman, and I went to look at the decorations today and happened to meet the owner of the house. On our way there we were talking about how interesting the history of the house must be and who we imagined to live there, and we were both totally off the mark. While we figured it was an older couple it is in fact a younger gentleman that actually worked on the Wizard of Oz along with other various productions. He is also very passionate about the environment and very involved in a project that focuses on the health of children and how it relates to the environment. He was a pleasure to meet and I hope to be able to get to know him better. The decorations will be on display until January with a full show happening out front on Christmas Eve. I look forward to going back again to watch the show! This experience is what makes me love Ridgecrest.

Fall is Officially Here

The plan was to go to Murray Farms near Bakersfield today to pick a pumpkin, but as we were heading out-of-town we decided against it since the weather was increasingly getting worse. Fall is officially here. So I decided to finally decorate for Halloween today.  I know it’s a week away, but as all my friends and family know I am always late when it comes to holidays and birthdays. Anyways, I got the decorations out of the garage and realized I don’t have jack for Halloween decorations, so we went and bought some. As we were looking around it was clear that I was late to the game because only the crappy decorations were left. About the only thing I did find was this wreath, which is fine because it’s not only for Halloween, it’s for all of Fall, and since I’m not big on decorating (except for Christmas) its perfect!