Family Time

Cant you just hear the laughter coming from these two? The weather was perfect today so of course we went outside.  We threw rocks, fixed the garden, and played with tractors. I love spending time outside with my boys! I need to start using the crock pot more though. I hate having to go inside and make dinner in the middle of all the fun. By the way….I am way outnumbered in the house now. We got another dog. Yep another pound puppy.

His name is Cheech. Unfortunately he is very sick right now. He had kennel cough, a double ear infection, and an intestinal virus. He’s been on medication for a week now and still isn’t feeling better. He’s going back on Monday.

I have a couple of things growing in the garden. So far we’ve only harvested radishes, but we have cucumbers, pea’s, 3 different types of beans, tomatoes-big and small, jalapeno, and orange bell pepper. To be honest with you, there are other things that I’m not sure of what they are because nothing was growing so I just threw a whole bunch of seeds down in no particular order. I’ll let you know when they are growing something.

I’ll leave you with some more laughter for the weekend…

I really like this last one though. Think Ill print it out. 🙂


Productivity….Whats That?

Not much to say today. Its one of those day’s where I’m restless but I don’t feel like doing anything productive. Please tell me I’m not the only one??? So I put my flats in the sunlight and let Roman water them with a spray bottle. He pretty much unearthed them… Not sure how this whole garden thing is going to go. Lol. I’m really anxious to get out there and get stuff planted, but we have a demon dog who keeps breaking out of the side of the yard that separates him from the garden. He pulled off two fence boards and dug under the gate. The vet says if we get him another dog it will stop his crazy behavior. I’m scared though. What if we get another one and that one takes up all of V’s bad behavior? We havent been able to put ANYTHING in the backyard because he chews EVERYTHING. Even a metal broom handle in half. If Roman didn’t love him so much I would probably have given him away. He’s cost us more than Roman I swear!!!

I’m hoping to get out and take some good pictures tomorrow. The weather wasnt great today so we stayed inside and ordered Chinese. Yum! Well Im off to go write back to all of you and check out your blogs for the night!

Can We Keep Them Alive?

We had an event Monday morning. While I was sleeping (we switch mornings) and Sal was preoccupied Roman reached in a drawer and grabbed a carving knife.  When Sal came into the living room he noticed that Roman was kind of sulking all huddled up in the covers on the couch.  He asked him what happened and Roman told him he cut himself.  The cut was more like a paper cut or tiny scratch.  He had already put the knife back so it didn’t really set in yet.  While Sal was putting away the dishes V walked by with this wound you see above.  Only, at the time it hadn’t been superglued yet and was a little bloody.  I woke up to Sal frantically asking Roman what happened. He showed Sal the knife and said he cut V. 

Now you have the back story, I’ll tell you what was running through my head.  Roman stabbed the dog and V didn’t make a peep, how’s that for you pitbull haters?! Roman stabbed the dog!! OMG!  Oh, thank God he didn’t hurt himself worse! What if V would have reacted?! Is my child going to be a sociopath someday? Do I need to start worrying about Roman trying to kill me in his sleep later on? Is this normal?

At first I didn’t want to tell anyone, not a soul, but I had too. I asked a couple of people and they all assured me that it was normal for little rugrats to do weird things. OK if you say so…  I asked a psychologist today and he assured me it is okay. Roman is apparently learning the relationship between cause and effect. Still scary though! After talking to Roman the whole day about it and making both miserable, I finally thought everything is going to be okay.  He knew he had done something wrong, and had expressed remorse before I even talked to him about it. Still…Im not sure how much more I (or V) can take of this kid growing up :)!

On another note, I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life. It’s not because I don’t water them, it’s because I water them too much! Im afraid they will die of dehydration or something. My mom gave me this Jade plant and said I could drown it and it wont die. We will see about that….

Terrorism, For a Dog Anyways.

My parents are out of town right now, and left their dog (who used to be mine a hundred years ago) with us until they get back.  This dog (Klyde) and my dad became so attached when I had my dad watch him for a little while, way back in the day, that there was no way I was getting him back.  However this week he’s all mine again.  Klyde is not a very friendly dog. He’s stolen food out of Romans hands many times, nipping him in the process a couple, he barks forever, he’s aggressive or standoffish towards other dogs, and he constantly needs to be held….when he’s at my parents. However, he’s completely different when he’s at my house.  He steers clear of Roman when he has food, he barely barks, he listens, doesn’t need to be held constantly, and he tolerates my dog.

Im sure my dad freaked out as soon as he read this headline muhahahaha, but everything is undercontrol okay.

Our captor guest hanging with Roman, willingly of course.

Klyde, waiting for a hero.

All kidding aside, Klyde is fine and is in bed with Roman right now sleeping the night away, together.  See you this weekend Mom and Dad!

Yay Christmas!!!! 2010

What a Christmas! It was full of family, food, gifts, and crazyness! The first present opened this morning was a little camera. Roman was absolutely in love with it!

V got a little frisbee and slept with it right away. He really has turned out to be one of the family. Like another kid. Even with the ruined couch and patio furniture, he is so amazing with Roman, and the perfect watch dog with his protectiveness. I never worry that anyone will ever try to break in when I’m alone with Roman, except when he’s snoring so loud I wonder if he would even hear anything.

Ahhh…..this is Sal opening tickets to the Chile vs. US soccer game next month from my parents. Surprised, excited, happy, ecstatic, doesn’t even begin to explain how happy he is. It’s at the Home Depot center and the seats are amazing. They really outdid themselves!

Arent these p.j.’s super cute. My parents have such a sense of humor, but I fully intent on wearing them!  I also got a beautiful pair of opal earings that I cant wait to wear.

Thank you to all of our family who made this weekend so special. We love you!

A parting gift…Pictures that Roman took.


The rain theme continued today, which is fine by me since we don’t get much rain here. It makes me want to buy a pair of cute rain boots, but I would probably never get to use them. 

I was a little worried about what we were going to do today, I got most of my cleaning done yesterday, and my child does not like to stay inside. As I was worrying my inner voice spoke up and asked my why we couldn’t play outside. I had no good answer, so when Roman asked I gave the okay. He proceeded to bring out a couple of his tractors and scoop up mud. Something that is perfect for this weather I must admit.

The day wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t sweep the mud puddle. 🙂 Unfortunately V wasnt too fond of the idea. For some reason he hates brooms and vacuums. Weird dog, but we love him.

I love being a mom, it brings me back to the easiness of life. It reminds me that there’s no reason not to play in the mud or sweep puddles.

Puppy Love

I was walking down the hall this morning and I found V in Romans bed sleeping. Roman jumped in and V didn’t seem to mind…after all it is Romans bed. It’s too bad that Pit Bulls get such a bad rap. More

Dean and Klyde

This is my dad, Dean, and his dog, Klyde. When I lived in Boise I got Klyde as a Christmas present to myself, but was activated a couple of months later (Air Force Reserve). Seeing as I needed to go back to work for a couple of months with hours that were not conducive to having a puppy, I drove Klyde to Ridgecrest so my parents could take care of him for a while. A while has turned into seven years. See what happened was, Dean and Klyde became so attached to each other that I couldn’t possibly break them up.  It just wouldn’t be right.

Dean holds Klyde like this all the time, and Klyde waits by the window so he can see when Dean gets home. Klyde’s handled being bumped out of the number one spot by Roman pretty well, minus stealing food out of Romans hand and getting a wee bit jealous now and then. Never the less they would both walk to the end of the earth for each other. A man and his dog….


I have talked a lot about me and Roman and Sal, but I havent mentioned Valentino, or V for short. I got V about this time last year for a couple of reasons; I wanted something that was small and cuddly to baby, a friend for Roman, a protector for the house. So far he’s lived up to expectations. He’s protective and he and Roman are thick as thieves, but there’s always the flip side of the coin as I’m learning. He likes to dig, and chews on anything that’s not metal. He has to date ruined more things than I think it has cost me to raise Roman to this point. 🙂 Maybe not quiet but it feels like it sometimes. He has pushed me to my edge a couple of times, I even tried to get rid of him once, albeit half-heartedly.

Even with his neurotic separation anxiety self, he is an amazing dog. He’s great with children, listens well, and protects the house if one of us is gone. He has the “dog” sense and knows when someones hurt or upset. He never gets mad at Roman when he tries to ride him like a horse. He is constantly by Romans side, even in the pool, and always greets us enthusiastically when we get home . I love him, even when I want to kill him. V really is a part of the family.