Time To Clean House

What a day! I have so much to say, but a lot I don’t want to say. So lets start from the beginning. When I got home last night I had a surprise waiting for me. Sal’s dad gave me his old Minolta! I am so excited. It has a macro lens and looks brand new. It also had a flash! The batteries had eroded and it wasnt working. So sal cleaned it up with this little concoction you see above and its as good as new. I threw it on my Canon and what do you know, it works! The cleaning solution seen above is said to be a Mexican secret. In all honestly, I think I’m probably the only one who didn’t know about it. Its baking soda and lime. I was amazed at how clean it got this bracelet. I will never pay money for jewelry cleaner when this works wonders!

Aww….look at my little man. Laying around in his underwear, in his favorite chair, watching cartoons. He’s on his way to being a full on grown man. Haha! I took this picture with my new flash. Yay! It washed him out a bit, but it’s so much better than the yellow I was getting from the rest of my pictures. And let me say this, because I have a flash now, does not mean I think I know what I’m doing. I know I’m “over my head” as a well-meaning friend told me today. I didn’t go out and purchase this, it was given to me, and I can’t help but play with it a little. I do not think my pictures are amazing or that you could hang them on a wall. I don’t want to learn Photoshop to fix my crappy pictures, I want to learn, so when I start taking good pictures I can add another layer of creativity to them. I’m not trying to go pro, I want to take good pictures of my family and surroundings. I just like it. Here’s a tidbit that will make it clear; if I am interested in something, anything, I jump in headfirst. I’m thirsty for knowledge, I’m hungry to learn, I’m excited about the possibilities. I have matured enough to know that those things don’t make you instantly or ever good at something. K. I think we cleared that up.

As usual we played in the dirt today. 🙂

Do you ever have those day’s where you feel like you need to clean out the negativity in your life? I’m sitting here after some negative remarks were said (nothing about photography), completely drained. Someone very close to me saw my finished Phoenix and said I thought it would have had this or that. I said no. Nothing else was said. When the person could see that their reaction upset me, the reply was “I don’t like tattoo’s, and I’m not going to lie about it”. I can respect the fact that someone doesn’t like tattoo’s. I can respect not lying about things. What I don’t have the ability to understand is why someone who is supposedly soo close to me, knows the reason behind the tattoo, and was there for the whole process of loosing Gigi, can NOT have understanding and/or appreciation for something so meaningful. All they can see is where they are coming from.  Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive. I know that a lot of people don’t like tattoo’s and even more, cant see past them, and that’s fine. That’s their opinion, but to be so close to me, and dismiss something so important to me because it doesn’t fit in with their beliefs or likes blows my mind. An open mind and empathy are beautiful qualities that I want to have, and in turn surround myself with people bearing the same. I’m recommending an amazing blog post about the process of tattoos. Not everyone does it this way, but maybe it will help someone who doesn’t understand why or how people get tattoo’s understand a little more, but it takes an open mind to read it. 🙂