Tyrick’s Birthday

Ahhhh, Ty’s turning 3!!! These kids are growing up way to fast!! It makes me sad :(.

I love going to Ty’s parties! His Nana cooks the best food, and it’s always so non stressful. Nothing like Roman’s parties. Haha!

These two were once again thick as thieves! I loved it! They played for 3 straight hours, leaving a trail of destruction behind them :).

Productivity….Whats That?

Not much to say today. Its one of those day’s where I’m restless but I don’t feel like doing anything productive. Please tell me I’m not the only one??? So I put my flats in the sunlight and let Roman water them with a spray bottle. He pretty much unearthed them… Not sure how this whole garden thing is going to go. Lol. I’m really anxious to get out there and get stuff planted, but we have a demon dog who keeps breaking out of the side of the yard that separates him from the garden. He pulled off two fence boards and dug under the gate. The vet says if we get him another dog it will stop his crazy behavior. I’m scared though. What if we get another one and that one takes up all of V’s bad behavior? We havent been able to put ANYTHING in the backyard because he chews EVERYTHING. Even a metal broom handle in half. If Roman didn’t love him so much I would probably have given him away. He’s cost us more than Roman I swear!!!

I’m hoping to get out and take some good pictures tomorrow. The weather wasnt great today so we stayed inside and ordered Chinese. Yum! Well Im off to go write back to all of you and check out your blogs for the night!

Earning A Green Thumb

We have been digging these gardens for a couple of days now. I have two 40′ X 5′ plots almost ready.  I’ve mentioned that I kill plants off faster than they stock them, so this is definitely going to be a learning experience. I really want to do all organic veggies. If anyone has any ideas let me know!

On another note, Im busy as usual. I have a photography class with the wonderfull Jake Easly on Saturday morning. So I expect to be inspired again. Hopefully that will give me the extra push to keep up with this blog everyday again.

Oh No! She’s At It Again!

This picture is hilarious! So if you read yesterday’s Blog you know today is Sals Birthday! Unfortunately he’s not in any of the pictures because he’s in math class right now. Yech. So I’m letting you in on a little secret that he doesn’t even know about….I baked. You may be asking what’s the big deal about that? Well if you have read previous blog posts you know I don’t bake. I almost detest it. However I decided to try again. This time I made some Red Velvet cupcakes from scratch. Well kind of Red Velvet, I didn’t have Coco. So maybe they are just cupcakes with red dye in them, I’m still going with the Red Velvet thing though :).

Poor little Fat Face and I stayed home from work today. He’s still sick. I tried to take him to the Dr. but as luck would have it, the one and only at Urgent Care was on his lunch break, and on our way home Roman fell asleep for a little over three hours. By the time he woke up and came to the Dr’s office would have been closed. Ugh. Hopefully he’s a little better tomorrow. 😦

Well I’m off to try to frost these bad boys. Not sure if I’m going to make my frosting from scratch or use the stuff in a jar yet. I’m leaning towards the stuff that’s ready to go, hehe.

Early Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Sal’s birthday a day early today. Sal will be 32 tomorrow, but since it’s Sunday it was easier to get everyone together today. This was one of the best birthday celebrations for Sal to date. Well…Cabo was nice, but I liked this a ton too. We made a yummy dinner of Tri-Tip, baked Asparagus, rolls, and a Parisian Salad. We celebrated this year sans alcohol, which isn’t a big deal but it was much nicer. Weird how that seems more appealing when you grow up. 🙂

Just incase you couldn’t tell…my parents are on the left, Sal’s are on the right. Hehe. I’m sure I have said it before, but I got really lucky with my in-laws. They are both so sweet and welcoming.

Here is the birthday boy and his helper. I think this might have been the second or third time they blew out the candles 🙂 Ahhh…..poor little Roman is sick though. Can you see it in his eyes? I an not sure what he has, but if he’s not a little better by tomorrow were going to the Dr. Ugh, nothing better than a sick kid and the Dr. on your birthday. 😦

So….Im sure everyone is dying to know what Sal got for his birthday?! He got a new computer that I want to steal, a circular saw from my parents, and a couple more things, but since it’s not his real birthday yet its a surprise. As I said earlier in the post, this birthday was amazing! Good food and good company! What more do you need?

What a Wonderful Day

I love Southern California sometimes! Forget about the taxes, and unbearable heat in the summer, or the freezing cold in the winter, okay that’s not all of So Cal, but Ridgecrest with the heat and cold. Sal checked the temperature when we were outside playing and it was 74 degrees outside. Love it! So naturally were outside, but instead of bundling up we broke out the hose and played for hours. 

Yes I must admit today was fantastic. It started off great with Roman in bed with me watching cartoons and putting dragons and trucks on my face when he was pretending. How can you be mad when you wake up to that? 🙂 Following that I went get a massage that Sal bought and coordinated for me, heaven! Then we followed with the water…

 Yeah, who is this crazy kid?!?! You may be asking what is he doing? Well that look of determination and concentration is because he’s trying to throw his buggers on me. Yep, all boy.

To finish the night off we made carne asada taco’s and homemade guacamole. I could seriously live off of Mexican food!




Ahhhh Thanksgiving! Love it! Sooo much food! We celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents house this year, and it was delicious! My Mom made everything except for the green beans. I felt like I had to contribute something :).  After we ate we watched a little football, which by the way, was a pretty good game this year. Any game that the Cowboys loose is a good game. Then the boys went outside and played soccer while my mom and I flipped through magazines. Gotta say, pretty perfect day.

Besides the food, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the things that you are thankful for. I have so much to be thankful for I’m afraid that I couldn’t list them all here.  Even so, I will go through a short but important list. I am thankful for my little family. Roman brightens everyday, he can make me smile when I feel like a smile is almost impossible. He laughter and personality are truly a blessing. I’m thankful for my husband. The way he looks at me like I’m the most amazing girl in the world. His laugh and smile are infectious, and thankful that he’s an amazing dad. I’m thankful that we have an amazing house to live in and food to put on the table.

I’m also thankful for my parents, Sal’s parents, sisters, and brother. They have become family to me. I’m thankful for my family that doesn’t live here but is always available for me if I need them. I am thankful for my friends that are always there to listen and laugh. I’m thankful for life.