What a Wonderful Day

I love Southern California sometimes! Forget about the taxes, and unbearable heat in the summer, or the freezing cold in the winter, okay that’s not all of So Cal, but Ridgecrest with the heat and cold. Sal checked the temperature when we were outside playing and it was 74 degrees outside. Love it! So naturally were outside, but instead of bundling up we broke out the hose and played for hours. 

Yes I must admit today was fantastic. It started off great with Roman in bed with me watching cartoons and putting dragons and trucks on my face when he was pretending. How can you be mad when you wake up to that? 🙂 Following that I went get a massage that Sal bought and coordinated for me, heaven! Then we followed with the water…

 Yeah, who is this crazy kid?!?! You may be asking what is he doing? Well that look of determination and concentration is because he’s trying to throw his buggers on me. Yep, all boy.

To finish the night off we made carne asada taco’s and homemade guacamole. I could seriously live off of Mexican food!

BBQ Sunday

As everyone knows today is Sunday…the last day before most of us have to go back to work. On Sunday’s we try to get the family together whether it be my parents or Sal’s or both, and BBQ. I must say I am spoiled because my Mother-In-Law usually makes the food.  Not any type of food, authentic Mexican! Last week she taught me how to make her salsa and rice. This week I tried my hand at it and it turned out pretty good, though not as good as hers. I also made my guacamole. Its easy and good! The boys barbequed some chicken and onions, and my Father-In-Laws amazing corn on the cob!

I am a huge foodie and love, love, love to cook so I will be posting pics of my food and maybe even recipes in the following year. You can see my recipe in the picture above so if you want a good recipe for guac, there you go. Enjoy your Sunday!