Run For Your Life!!!!

Ahaha! The boys in my little family are frikin hilarious! As I was attempting to sort out Roman’s old clothes for good will he spied something hanging in his closet. It was his Halloween costume from 2009. I thought why not??? So we put it on and it still fit! It was big on him then and a little to small for him now. None the less..

I think we’re ready to terrorize now!

Girls get to play princess or fairy on a regular basis, so boys get to play dragon or dinosaur. Whatever fancies them at the time.

I don’t think I’m safe tonight…there’s two of them!

One dragon crawls the other flies.

Well, I think we are almost over this sickness and my little dragon is almost ready to fly.

This is what happens when you tell the dragon its bath time :). Tons of pictures I know, but they were soo cute! Goodnight all!


Ahhhh Halloween. I love this holiday, always full of fun and smiles. Unfortunately we didn’t get to take part in it this year. Roman is sick with a fever, cough, and sore throat. Poor boy :(. Luckily he doesn’t understand yet what he’s missing out on. So we stayed home in our pajamas and watched cartoons all day. We did carve a pumpkin however, and as a family effort we drew on the others. As you can see we aren’t artists by any means, but it was fun.

Pickin Pumpkins

We set out this morning to do what we tried to do last weekend…go to Murray Farms in Bakersfield. Luckily we were succesful this time, although there were a few bumps in the road. We got to Murray Farms and headed to the life-size ant farm and corn maze, which were super cool. Then we decided we would do the hay wagon ride and go pick some pumpkins, but I was thirsty so I wanted to go back to the car and get my bottle of water when we discovered Sal had locked the keys in the car. Uh oh. Were pretty far out from anything and a service call could take some time. That’s not a big deal though, there were plenty of things to do. The problem was that Sal and I dressed for winter. We put Roman in a short sleeve shirt and brought a jacket so he was okay, but on October 29th it was well into the 80’s. We were dying.

So we proceeded to the hay ride figuring it would take some time. I must say that it was a really neat ride narrated by the youngest Murray, and in the middle of the trip they stop at a mini pumpkin patch where Roman picked the pumpkin you see above. About the same time we got a call from the guy that was going to pop the locks and he was at the wrong farm 45 min away. Ugh…. So we ate  and went to the petting zoo while we waited. He finally arrived and we were granted access to the car once again! Yay! We rounded out the day at the mall, and got the rest of Roman’s Halloween outfit. It was a pretty eventful day and we are all pretty tired, tomorrow will be more of the same but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Fall is Officially Here

The plan was to go to Murray Farms near Bakersfield today to pick a pumpkin, but as we were heading out-of-town we decided against it since the weather was increasingly getting worse. Fall is officially here. So I decided to finally decorate for Halloween today.  I know it’s a week away, but as all my friends and family know I am always late when it comes to holidays and birthdays. Anyways, I got the decorations out of the garage and realized I don’t have jack for Halloween decorations, so we went and bought some. As we were looking around it was clear that I was late to the game because only the crappy decorations were left. About the only thing I did find was this wreath, which is fine because it’s not only for Halloween, it’s for all of Fall, and since I’m not big on decorating (except for Christmas) its perfect!