I’ll take some good conversation please!

I didn’t post last night, but I did take this picture. Instead of posting I went over to a dear friends house and had the yummy stuff you see in the picture, along with some lasagna she made. We talked for many hours, about what was bothering us, about what makes a good friend, about where we were coming from, about what were planning, how were feeling, and many more things. It was filled with a range of emotions from seriousness and some tense moments to big belly laughs. A friend is more than someone you always get along with or someone who tells you what you want to hear. A good friend is someone who disagree’s with you at times but makes a point to understand where you are coming from. A good friend is there for you when you need them, they hold their tounge when the other is obviously not in the right mind and a good friend gives unconditional support when the other needs it.  They find happiness in what the other finds happiness in, and they never judge how a person mourns.

I was supposed to go on a hike this morning with this friend, but woke up feeling yucky. So hopefully this friend understands that, and accepts my rain check. Maybe I’ll go and cheer her on at her 10k next weekend in Death Valley as a way to make it up to her :).


I went hiking today at lunch and loved it.  I have always wanted to do this hike (location to be kept secret)  but just never got around to it, and unfortunately I didn’t have enough time at lunch to finish it. I’m going to try to go this weekend sometime and do the whole thing, but I still wont be able to actually show a picture of what I see when I’m at the top. 😉  Speaking of view from the top….I have to give credit to all those photographers who hike all of their equipment up with them. This was taken with my little Nikon Coolpix and that got heavy half way up.

Lately I havent been working out or running like I have been, and I’m not sure why. Life happens. I know its important to make time for exercise and I always feel amazing after, it’s just getting there that’s hard. I lack willpower. I wonder if they sell motivation and willpower somewhere? I know! It’s in the fitness magazines; those fitness models definitely give me motivation. If you come over and I have half-naked fitness models taped to all the wall’s know that I’m not crazy. At least entirely crazy. 🙂