I know I’ve havent posted in a while, and the truth is I am busy, and enjoying no pressure. On the flip side I miss all of you! The good thing is I have been taking photo’s in the mean time. Here are a few….

This is SOOC, from a photo walk with Jake!

This isnt. Lol! I like it a lot though. I might put it in my bathroom. Need to print it and see what it looks like.

I also did a “for fun” photo shoot¬†with Roman’s best friend Ty. We went out at sunset and I thought “I’ve got this!” Lol. No I didn’t. I learned a ton of things. Like fill flash is your friend at sunset, get closer, and use the middle focusing dot. ūüôā Doesnt Sal look good though? ūüėČ

Ty….showing some love to the world.

Every Memorial Day weekend Sal plays soccer in a local tournament¬†called the 5-A-Side. Unfortunately this Memorial was horrible. The wind was killer. It took me soooo¬†long to get the dirt out of my ears. Yuck. Sals team did really well, but unfortunately the last team was a fouling bunch and won by one point…off of a hand ball. Isnt that some ish? Oh well….there’s always next year.

The tournament is near and dear to Sal’s heart. Its put on in memory of Sal’s best friend Matt Armstrong who died his¬†sophomore year due to Meningitis. Sal has played every year almost since it’s conception. 60 teams played this year. What a great tribute!

Anyways, I’m going to try to post more often and catch up with everyone’s posts!


King of Hearts

Today is Valentine’s Day! A day of love, or a day that rubs the fact that you’re single in your face.¬†Some people love this holiday, other people think it’s a¬†Hallmark¬†holiday. I’m¬†in the middle. I think we should take the time every day to show that special someone you care.¬† The majority of households have both parents working now, and schedules are jammed packed for the kids, so¬†it’s easy to lose¬†sight of the other person in the relationship,¬†and while I think it should be an everyday¬†thing, I think it’s a nice reminder to slow down and tell that special someone how you feel.¬†

On to another story… Every Valentines schools usually have a dance. Some call it Sadie Hawkins; others (like ours) call it King of Hearts.¬† Instead of choosing a queen or princess, a king is chosen.¬† Way back in the day when Sal was a senior in High School and I was a sophomore¬†I had a crush on him.¬†¬†However we didnt get to know eachother until 2006 I digress though, Sal¬†was voted King for the King of Hearts dance back then and it still makes me smile now. He has the picture from the dance with all the guys in it, and I love looking at it. They were all so young, but didn’t¬†know it. I should have scanned it in, but I’m¬†still under the weather, cough, cough. Okay, I’ve¬†never tried to scan anything on my printer yet, so I’ll have to work on that.

Roman got a couple presents (like he needs anymore), but I always loved getting something from my parents when I was younger. As you can see he brought some of his toys to the party to help make something for Daddy when he was at school. I started playing with the setting and this was taken in Monochrome. I kind of like it.

Valentines is for friends too. A dear friend of mine,¬†Kari, made me home-made¬†chicken soup¬†today when she found out I was sick. It makes me smile from ear to ear to know I have people surrounding me that care so much about me! Thank you Kari! I hope everyone enjoyed your Valentines as much as I did, and if you’re in¬†that lonely heart club, no worries! Go with the line that it’s a¬†holiday made by Hallmark :)!


Wooo¬†hooo!!!! It’s friday!!!! On top of that it’s a holiday! While we don’t¬†have any big plans, we have a few small ones that should be tons of fun. On another note, Roman flew through size 7 shoes. He stayed in them for maybe 2 or 3 months tops. That’s¬†not a bad thing, it means our little one is growing, wait, maybe it is a bad thing. What does suck about it, is the fact that we just bought 2 or 3 MORE size 7 shoes a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, uh huh, bye-bye¬†money. So after work today, we went to get some new kicks. How do you like them? I think they are pretty snazzy.

Have a good weekend all. Im off to do some homework. Yay….ugh.

So Long 2010…Hello 2011

This is the third year that we have taken this picture. My mom kept her tree up because we forgot to do it on Christmas. Thank you!

Wow, I can’t¬†say that I’m¬†sad to see 2010 go. While there were some high points, 2010 was pretty rough. I think for the majority of 2010 I was a hot mess. That’s not necessarily¬†a bad thing though, like everything else in life, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So you may be calling B.S. on that theory¬†right now, and without going into exactly why 2010 was so crappy, I will tell you what I gained from it.

2010 forced me to do a lot of soul-searching¬†and reflecting. I realized that I have become more patient and forgiving than I have ever been. While this would usually be a good thing, I feel like I may have missed the mark and crossed over to being TOO much of a pushover. I have realized that being driven and goal orientated¬†is a good thing and that I really can do anything I set my mind to, even if it takes a hundred years. I have realized that I shouldnt¬†define myself¬†by relationships with others and instead need to value that light that makes me me. These are the internal personal realizations I have come to. While that’s all fine and dandy its always nice to head into the new year with goals from 2010 accomplished. So…I finished more than half my degree and only have about ten months left to finish it all. I have lost 17 pounds and am able to run for more than a city block! Yay me!

If you’re¬†still reading you may be wondering what I have planned for 2011. Well…I plan to assert myself more, but to do it with finesse. I used to hate the fact that I was sooo¬†outspoken and have managed to settle down a lot, but I havent figured out how to handle difficult situations with finesse. I want to accomplish more at work and start playing a bigger role when it comes to representing NAWS¬†Safety. I want to figure out where my line is and make sure I don’t let anyone cross it. And finally the biggest one, I want to be a better mother, always! These are all things that will take continual work. They arent goals that have a finish line, which is fine, because I never see myself as ever being satisfied with who I am. I think I will always want to better myself. This doesn’t mean that I’m not happy with who I am but I think its¬†naive to say that who I am is a polished finished project.

What about the tangible goals for 2011 though? Well, I want to finish my degree finally. I want to run a 5k. I want to quit smoking. Yes, I smoke, yes I know its gross. That’s why I want to quit. Hell that’s why I will quit! I want to take better pictures of Fat Face and I want to finish his baby book. I think I can do all that. Now, I may not accomplish all these things when someone else thinks I should, but they aren’t their goals. They are mine. Now if I can only find a way¬†to tell people with finesse.

Bye Bye Weekend….

Doesnt it feel like Christmas flew by? I didn’t¬†even feel like there was a weekend. Oh well, this year flew by, so this¬†weekend¬†was just keeping with the theme.¬† The Christmas decorations came down today, and the house got a good cleaning. After Romans nap Roman, Grandpa, Sal, and I went geocaching. Didnt find much but it was good to get out of the house and run! Anyways, Roman and I wore our matching P.J.’s today! Yes! We rocked it out.

This is us after his bath matching cuz were roll dogs. ūüôā

These are some beautiful roses Sal got me on Thursday, they just opened and smell so good. They are yellow at the bottom and orange towards the top. My favorite color. Of course you can’t¬†tell because I killed them in Photoshop but I felt a little artistic today.

Yay Christmas!!!! 2010

What a Christmas! It was full of family, food, gifts, and crazyness! The first present opened this morning was a little camera. Roman was absolutely in love with it!

V got a little frisbee¬†and slept with it right away. He really has turned out to be one of the family. Like another kid. Even with the ruined couch and patio furniture, he is so amazing with Roman, and the perfect watch dog with his protectiveness. I never worry that anyone will ever try to break in when I’m alone with Roman, except when he’s snoring so loud I wonder if he would even hear anything.

Ahhh…..this is Sal opening tickets to the Chile vs. US soccer game next month from my parents. Surprised, excited, happy, ecstatic, doesn’t¬†even begin to explain how happy he is. It’s at the Home Depot center and the seats are amazing. They really outdid themselves!

Arent these p.j.’s super cute. My parents have such a sense of humor, but I fully intent on wearing them!¬† I also got a beautiful pair of opal earings that I cant wait to wear.

Thank you to all of our family who made this weekend so special. We love you!

A parting gift…Pictures that Roman took.

Mmmmm….Hot Chocolate

One of my favorite things about Christmas season is hot chocolate. Yummy! I especially love it with some french vanilla flavoring. apparently¬†I have had this packet for a while though cuz the marshmallows¬†never fully softened up. Oh well kind of reminded me of¬†Lucky Charms¬†marshmellows….hey, I may be onto something. ūüôā


Ahhhhh….it’s that time of the year again. A time to get together with family and friends and celebrate everything that we are thankful for. It’s also a time for Sangria!!!!¬†Every year¬†we have a get together with whomever will join us and make a huge batch of Sangria.¬†This year we’re¬†gonna do it even bigger. I plan on having all the decorations up, Christmas music in the background, appetizers, and whatever else I think of. So to all my friends and family look for an invite coming soon! Yay!