I posted 6 months ago about a baby girl being brought into this world by my best friend Amanda.  I got the pleasure of finally getting to meet her this past weekend.  Unfortunately her and her family live all the way on the east coast so I don’t get to see them that often. But I must say that she is the best baby ever! We went to the March of Dimes walk and she was great the whole way! We went shopping and she never even peeped. She smiled so much and was so easy to make laugh. We took pictures on Sunday and has so much fun!

The whole weekend wasnt just about baby though, it was about family and friends. And friends being so great they might as well be family.  Amanda is married to Keith, who I refer to as my brother. He is so laid back and chill! Absolutely love him. However…he did buy Roman a Nerf gun, then we had to go buy more, just so we could join in the fun, now I’m finding Nerf darts EVERYWHERE! Ridiculous! Another fabulous friend came Sunday too. He’s not just a friend though he’s Roman’s Godfather. The great thing is that everyone knows each other from our Air Force day’s.

I feel so lucky that they flew all the way from the east coast, then drove an hour and a half the day after they got to my house, to participate in the walk with us. Thanks guys! Love you!

Shooting for the Moon….

I have a week off from school right now. I’m between terms! Yay!!! So I took a little break from everything today. Sal took Roman over to his parents today, and I was left wondering what to do with myself. It’s not that often that I don’t have something I need to do.  Okay, well there are things I need to do like dust, etc. but who wants to do that!!!! So as I was wandering the house lost….I figured I would try to take a picture of something. I wandered with nothing in mind then went into Romans bedroom. He has a night-light that makes little stars and a moon on the walls. So….this is what I got. I’m signing off for the night!

And….thank you to everyone who donated to the March of Dimes in Gigi’s name!

Vapor Trails and March for Babies

Let me start off by saying that there is a picture of Gigi’s urn at the end of this post, so if that bothers you, you have been warned.

What a beautiful day here in sunny California! I live in Ridgecrest, California, which is home to  Naval Air Warfare Station (NAWS), China Lake.  What you see above is a vapor trail from the fighter jets flying at sunset.  I love when I hear the “green” people talk or post something about how they are chemical trails. Ahhhh….a little investigation leads to a lot of knowledge. 

On another note I have created a team for the March for Babies.  We will all walk on April 30th in Gigi’s name.  I am so excited for this event for the obvious reason, and because my best friend and family will be walking with us.  They currently live in South Carolina and will be here during that time and donated their time and money to walk for team GigiRoman. I am so lucky to have such a great friend. Hopefully some of Sals family and mine can also join us. AND….we have met and beat our goal to raise $200 before the march! In only one day! Thank you to all of our friends and family who have donated. It really is very meaningful that you have helped out a cause that is so near and dear to my heart. The generosity shown today warms my heart.  If you would like to walk with us or donate the link is below.

Trial and Error, Lots of Error…

Sal’s little brother is in town right now, so after we put Roman to bed the boys played NBA 11 on PS3 or something like that (not really my thing) so I set out on a mission. I have wanted to take a picture of Ridgecrest at night for a while, and tonight gave me the perfect opportunity. I learned a lot. Like I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m learning! Trial and error right? This picture was taken on top of the roof of the truck and what you see on the bottom of the picture is the reflection. I’m sure this picture wont win a contest but I think its frikin awesome.

This was my attempt at a self-portrait tonight. It didn’t turn out like I thought it would, but again, I like the look and plan to play at night again sometime soonish.

On another note. Sal, Cadena, Keith, Roman, and Rilynn signed up to walk for the March of Dimes this April. It is very near and dear to all of our hearts and I’m looking forward to it. Check it out and help support the cause if you want.