Romans First Trip to Disneyland

We took Roman to Disneyland for the first time last Friday. The picture above is at the very end of the day. Roman was wiped out :). Do it right or go home!!!!

I had reservations about taking Roman at such a young age for a couple of reasons. 1) He’s a little scared of giant costumes i.e. Mickey Mouse, Goofy, the Red Robin guy (there’s a story behind that). 2) He’s so young, and I wonder if he’ll even remember it. 3) Goes along with 2. If he may not remember it, is it worth shelling out the money to go? Disneyland tickets are NOT cheap.

After months of talking it over with Sal (who was all for it from the day Roman was born) and arguing with myself about it, we decided to do it. It didn’t hurt that ticket prices dropped by $30.

The best part of the day (for me anyways) was the Finding Nemo ride. If you havent been to Disneyland, Finding Nemo is a little submarine that goes half way under water. You look out the little port holes and see the whole cast of Finding Nemo hologram style. It’s really cool. You hear what they are saying, see them swim around, and are part of the adventure.

A little while before this picture was taken, this was the end, Roman was off my lap and had his whole head in the port-hole. He was talking to Dori and Nemo and the shark, waving his little hand as fast as he could. He kept yelling out Hi Nemo! Hi Dori! Hi Shark! He would turn back around and say “look momma!!!”. The joy on his face, the speed of the wave, the excitement in his voice…made it all worth it. The lights were turned out and the volume was up when tears were rolling down my cheeks. This little boy who I love more than life itself was having the best time of his life and “meeting” fish he had watched since birth.

We hit Toon Town after Finding Nemo and explored and played. Well….kinda. It was time for Romans nap and he was hungry. So we ate lunch and realized he had started to go down the dark path to evil. We had anticipated this though, so no biggie. So we started to head for the gate and finish the circle of Disneyland.

On our way out we found some ducks.

This was the end of the day. Poor little guy and family were worn out. I’ll leave you with the best picture of the day wich was also the first….

He was soooo excited to meet Mickey Mouse….until he met him. Lol! He was a little bigger in real life than I think Roman expected him to be.  All in all Disneyland was awesome! Cant wait to go again!


Family Time

Cant you just hear the laughter coming from these two? The weather was perfect today so of course we went outside.  We threw rocks, fixed the garden, and played with tractors. I love spending time outside with my boys! I need to start using the crock pot more though. I hate having to go inside and make dinner in the middle of all the fun. By the way….I am way outnumbered in the house now. We got another dog. Yep another pound puppy.

His name is Cheech. Unfortunately he is very sick right now. He had kennel cough, a double ear infection, and an intestinal virus. He’s been on medication for a week now and still isn’t feeling better. He’s going back on Monday.

I have a couple of things growing in the garden. So far we’ve only harvested radishes, but we have cucumbers, pea’s, 3 different types of beans, tomatoes-big and small, jalapeno, and orange bell pepper. To be honest with you, there are other things that I’m not sure of what they are because nothing was growing so I just threw a whole bunch of seeds down in no particular order. I’ll let you know when they are growing something.

I’ll leave you with some more laughter for the weekend…

I really like this last one though. Think Ill print it out. 🙂

Roman’s Photo’s

I’ve been promising to download photo’s from Roman’s camera, and without further ado….

K….so I took a couple of these but he’s so darn cute.

He got my good side 🙂

Nice perspective…

This picture is crazy. Not sure what the floaties are.

Another weird one.

I think that’s Sal. Lol! Well there you have it. Off to do some homework!!!

Tyrick’s Birthday

Ahhhh, Ty’s turning 3!!! These kids are growing up way to fast!! It makes me sad :(.

I love going to Ty’s parties! His Nana cooks the best food, and it’s always so non stressful. Nothing like Roman’s parties. Haha!

These two were once again thick as thieves! I loved it! They played for 3 straight hours, leaving a trail of destruction behind them :).


I’m sick of wind! I work a lot outside, and when you come inside and your hair is crazy looking, it’s not a good thing. Cleaning out your ears with more than two Q-tips. No bueno.  It’s not a good look!!! Anyways, I decided we would plant some more “flats” as they are called in the gardening world (who knew?). Gotta keep the munchkin busy when its crap outside. 

Gotta love dirt indoors…yeah, not really, but luckily I have mostly tile floors. I’m sure everyone is sick and tired of hearing about this garden so on another note that is completely off the subject…does anyone ever see their “views” skyrocket in an hour or two? Mine did today but I’m not sure if it’s a “bug” or something. I’m thinking it was, because it wasnt just by a few it was like 70 hits in two hours. Not normal for my little ole’ blog.

Afterwards we read about animals. What you see here is the crocodile! Ahhhh….scary! I’ve been reading a lot about B&W lately.  I see the term “flat” used a lot, but I’m not sure what it means. What makes a good B&W photo? Emotion, shadows, etc. etc.??? Help would be appreciated!

I know there is a lot of debate about textures and if they improve or ruin a photo. I would have to be on the side of artistic expression, therefore improvement, for lack of a better word. For those who have been with me on my journey so far, you know I love to use textures. Here’s the thing though. I don’t do them necessarily to make a photo better, but to play. It keeps me inspired to see different looks for the same image.  I think about what photo’s I would like to try to take and what texture I would like to apply to it. Mostly though, I do it to learn how to work the archaic PSE I have.  I find out new things every time I try to apply textures. I just learned today that you can apply textures to 3 different layers. Not sure why you would do that, but I’m sure there’s a reason. I also learned how to make a layer by itself in PSE today….I think. Its fun! So I do it!

As a side note about watermarks, I have found some amazing tutorials on watermarks, and always appreciate it when people are willing to teach (I think I say that a lot, but it’s true), however, until today I never fully understood that when you put a watermark on a texture or layer it doesn’t work. Maybe its just me, but I have to put it on my duplicate of the original. Maybe it’s because I have a really old version of Elements or maybe I missed something? Either way…learning by leaps and bounds.


Today was absolutely chock full of busy! This morning I went to the photography basics class with Jake Easley, and as I expected…it rocked!! Tons of information, and a great teacher! I am so thankful when people who are amazing at what they do are willing to share knowledge! I left refreshed and ready to shoot! I also won a dia los muertos camera strap from Lucky Straps which was awesome, because I’ve been talking about wanting to get one for a while now! I’m kind of cheap though, so I scored big time! So a big thanks to Jake again! Im looking forward to more classes. Hint, hint!!!

We also, amongst other errands, finished up the fence on the other side of the house so V wont eat the garden, finished up the garden so all I have to do now is plant, and had a play date with Ty. This was the first time the two of these actually played together. Usually they just ignore each other while playing in the same vicinity. Weird kids!

Not a great picture, but they are so darn cute playing with their food!

We also helped Grandpa finish some concrete work today. Not sure whats going on here. Kind of looks like he’s eating it. Not good…lol!

He has been in such a silly mood all day! Love it! See everyone tomorrow!

Flying High

I know I’ve been M.I.A. for a couple of days but I have good reasons! I had little fingerprints on the mirrors on the inside of the camera body from the rugrat you see above.  Kids are quick I tell you. So I had to part with the camera to have it cleaned. Yes, I have other camera’s, but I really kind of wanted a little break. :).

Do you remember being little and having your Dad or Mom throw you in the air like this? I loved, loved, loved it! I can’t get Roman as high as Sal, but he doesn’t seem to care who throws him, as long as he’s flying. Sal had to move over a little because Roman was about to touch the fan. We have 20 foot vaulted ceilings, if that gives you any idea of how high he is :)!

Roman’s dimple is so cute! He got that from his Daddy lucky boy!

I plan on getting back to everyone and commenting on my usual blogs soon! Thanks for hanging in there with me!!!

It’s a Zoo Out There…..

The excitement continued today with a trip to the L.A. Zoo. There are so many things I don’t like about California, but I love the City of Angels (minus traffic). This (above) is Roman excited to see the elephants. He could hardly contain himself. We had a great time looking at all the different animals and running through the Zoo. I think I got my daily workout in :). 

I am absolutely in love with monkeys. They always seem to be at the window when I am at the Zoo and the fact that you can communicate with them without even speaking (or so it seems) amazes me. 

Ahh the giraffes. They are always so pretty.

These two looked like they were in love.

These two look like they could be famous :)! Well, all in all it was a fabulous day with lots of things to see and new animals to learn. Roman behaved wonderfully and got a little alligator toy to take home. Pretty close to perfect if I do say so myself.

Bowling = Excitement

We took Roman bowling for the first time tonight, complete with ramp and bumpers. We had a ton of fun, and I’m pretty sure he beat us.

The suspense it killing us…

Some fun with Photoshop. You can see his ball down at the end. Wish I would have had a deeper depth of field, but it still turned out okay.

It’s weird how the little things, like taking Roman bowling for the first time, is what constitutes excitement for me now days. I used to live for the next big excitement, like a big party or the last-minute road trip or driving too fast, etc. Now instead of a few and far between big exciting things happening, I live through Romans excitement. I love that he can be so excited to play with a remote to the PS3 for hours or bubbles. I think maybe its our turn as parents to live through them for a while. Our children appreciate it and our bodies appreciate it. Dont get me wrong. I miss doing something that gets my adrenaline going and there’s nothing wrong with doing something for yourself but I think my perception of what excitement is has changed. I’ll go on a cruise or go to another country now instead of driving down the street at 120 mph.

Maybe its a little bit too soon to be playing these games, but I love the reflection.

Run For Your Life!!!!

Ahaha! The boys in my little family are frikin hilarious! As I was attempting to sort out Roman’s old clothes for good will he spied something hanging in his closet. It was his Halloween costume from 2009. I thought why not??? So we put it on and it still fit! It was big on him then and a little to small for him now. None the less..

I think we’re ready to terrorize now!

Girls get to play princess or fairy on a regular basis, so boys get to play dragon or dinosaur. Whatever fancies them at the time.

I don’t think I’m safe tonight…there’s two of them!

One dragon crawls the other flies.

Well, I think we are almost over this sickness and my little dragon is almost ready to fly.

This is what happens when you tell the dragon its bath time :). Tons of pictures I know, but they were soo cute! Goodnight all!

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