Balancing Act

Today was the first day of my new schedule, again. Its like the 3rd time I’ve changed it, but with Roman’s day care provider moving out-of-town its been a little hectic. Anyways, I picked Roman up at 3:00 and we went straight to the Inyokern park. I have to say, its super nice! It was part of a project that the old Governator started. We played for about an hour then the Inyokernites came, and I thought it was best that we leave.

So on we went to the hills by our house. We ran and looked for Flowfers for another hour before we went home. The desert smells like spring right now. Everything is green and wet and fresh. I think I’m going to try and go hiking Friday morning. It’s a short hike, but something is better than nothing.  Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera for all this. Ugh. But, its okay because I spent time focusing on Fat Face and not torturing him with the camera. If I go Friday I will take pictures. It really is beautiful right now.

We went home had dinner then played. Roman watched Matter’s Tall Tales on YouTube, you can see him singing above with all of his cars paraphernalia next to him. I love it!  It’s amazing how much he can do with a computer. He opens programs I didn’t know I had, changes layouts on Microsoft Word, and changes the layout of my desktop, in one click. It really is amazing that kids are growing up with so much technology around them. Finding the balance between technology and good ole’ fashioned fun is a priority in our life for sure.

A final shot of some of Roman’s audience. 🙂

The 1 Year Curse

What a weird day. I picked up Roman and went home. I started to do the little chores I do everyday, emptying the dishwasher, making the bed, wiping down the table and counter tops, all along with Roman and V by my side. After I did the dishes I heard water running and went to check it out. The sink was leaking. Ugh!!! Seriously?! Does everything have to fall apart at the one year mark after building a house? This is the second sink in months. Luckily it wasnt a big fix and Roman got to help. 

All work and no play….well its boring. So as I was making the bed and straightening up the room Roman grabbed his chair all the way in the living room and drug it into my bathroom. He has a thing for makeup. I dont mind. I think its cute, and anyone who thinks there’s a problem with a 2 1/2 year-old playing with makeup or moms shoes is ridiculous. What does bother me about it is that he completely WRECKS my eyeshadow, but its funny to see him with purple or blue streaks across his forehead and nose. Maybe I’ll get him a cheap eyeshadow palate for a stocking stuffer. 🙂

A Day of Play

After I got off work and picked up Roman today we went to the park, and boy is it starting to get cold. We brought the soccer balls and played for about an hour, and towards the end Roman had moco’s running down his face. That’s not the gross part though cuz all kids get runny noses; what was gross was him trying to wipe them on me and thinking it was hilarious. He gets his sense of humor from his dad apparently. Anyways, I love the picture above because it seems like Romans trying to catch the sun.

I also love this picture because he’s actually sitting still for a second. Its amazing!

Ahhh….but things wouldn’t be okay in the world if I didn’t get mean mugged for taking his picture. Still like it though. 🙂 There was a time when he couldn’t get his picture taken enough. The joy of kids.


Last night when Grandpa was watching Roman someone broke out the Dominoes and started lining them up. That carried over into today, and has been the focus for the last two hours. Its soo cute watching him line them all up and then knock them down. He gets so excited or bummed when he knocks them over before he’s done lining them up.


The weather has been crazy here lately. I’m pretty sure we hit at least 90 degree’s today and its the 5th of November! With weather like this who need tv? So Roman and I went outside to play. We are still in the process of finishing one of our side yards so we have mounds of dirt waiting to be leveled which is perfect for little munchkins learning how to climb them so that one day they may be “King of the Hill”. I love this picture because you can see the Ramirez dimple! On top of that he’s wearing the perfect shirt…cochino means “dirty” in Spanish, usually not literally, but it works here. 😉

Clean Freak

One of the rooms in our house is purely a play room. We painted a chalkboard and put all of Romans toys in it (until he drags them ALL out).  Today after work I changed into my pajama’s because they’re just more comfortable 🙂 and we were playing in the room. We danced, put puzzles together, played with trucks, and drew on the chalkboard after I cleaned it off from the last time. I drew 1-10 and drew little things under each number. We went through the numbers about a total of two whole times before he cleaned them off. Awwww….man!!!

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