I know I’ve havent posted in a while, and the truth is I am busy, and enjoying no pressure. On the flip side I miss all of you! The good thing is I have been taking photo’s in the mean time. Here are a few….

This is SOOC, from a photo walk with Jake!

This isnt. Lol! I like it a lot though. I might put it in my bathroom. Need to print it and see what it looks like.

I also did a “for fun” photo shoot¬†with Roman’s best friend Ty. We went out at sunset and I thought “I’ve got this!” Lol. No I didn’t. I learned a ton of things. Like fill flash is your friend at sunset, get closer, and use the middle focusing dot. ūüôā Doesnt Sal look good though? ūüėČ

Ty….showing some love to the world.

Every Memorial Day weekend Sal plays soccer in a local tournament¬†called the 5-A-Side. Unfortunately this Memorial was horrible. The wind was killer. It took me soooo¬†long to get the dirt out of my ears. Yuck. Sals team did really well, but unfortunately the last team was a fouling bunch and won by one point…off of a hand ball. Isnt that some ish? Oh well….there’s always next year.

The tournament is near and dear to Sal’s heart. Its put on in memory of Sal’s best friend Matt Armstrong who died his¬†sophomore year due to Meningitis. Sal has played every year almost since it’s conception. 60 teams played this year. What a great tribute!

Anyways, I’m going to try to post more often and catch up with everyone’s posts!


Trial and Error, Lots of Error…

Sal’s little brother is in town right now, so after we put Roman to bed the boys played NBA 11 on PS3 or something like that (not really my thing) so I set out on a mission. I have wanted to take a picture of Ridgecrest at night for a while, and tonight gave me the perfect opportunity. I learned a lot. Like I have no idea what I’m¬†doing, but I’m¬†learning! Trial and error right? This picture was taken on top of the roof of the truck and what you see on the bottom of the picture is the reflection. I’m¬†sure this picture wont win a contest but I think its frikin awesome.

This was my attempt at a self-portrait¬†tonight. It didn’t turn out like I thought it would, but again, I like the look and plan to play at night again sometime soonish.

On another note. Sal, Cadena, Keith, Roman, and Rilynn¬†signed up to walk for the March of Dimes this April. It is very near and dear to all of our hearts and I’m looking forward to it. Check it out and help support the cause if you want.

Balancing Act

Today was the first day of my new schedule, again. Its like the 3rd time I’ve changed it, but with Roman’s day care provider moving out-of-town¬†its been a little hectic. Anyways, I picked Roman up at 3:00 and we went straight to the Inyokern¬†park. I have to say, its super nice! It was part of a project that the old Governator¬†started. We played for about an hour then the Inyokernites came, and I thought it was best that we leave.

So on we went to the hills by our house. We ran and looked for Flowfers¬†for another hour before we went home. The desert smells like spring right now. Everything is green and wet and fresh. I think I’m¬†going to try and go hiking Friday morning. It’s a¬†short hike, but something is better than nothing.¬† Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera for all this. Ugh. But, its okay because I spent time focusing on Fat Face and not torturing him with the camera. If I go Friday I will take pictures. It really is beautiful right now.

We went home had dinner then played. Roman watched Matter’s Tall Tales on YouTube, you can see him singing above with all of his cars paraphernalia¬†next to him. I love it!¬† It’s amazing how¬†much he can do with a computer. He opens programs I didn’t¬†know I had, changes layouts on Microsoft Word, and changes the layout of my desktop, in one click. It really is amazing that kids are growing up with so much technology around them. Finding the balance between technology and good ole’ fashioned fun is a priority in our life for sure.

A final shot of some of Roman’s audience. ūüôā

What a Wonderful Day

I love¬†Southern California¬†sometimes! Forget about the taxes, and unbearable heat in the summer, or the freezing cold in the winter, okay that’s not all of So Cal, but Ridgecrest with the heat and cold. Sal checked the temperature when we were outside playing and it was 74 degrees outside. Love it! So naturally were outside, but instead of bundling up we broke out the hose and played for hours.¬†

Yes I must admit today was fantastic. It started off great with Roman in bed with me watching cartoons and putting dragons and trucks on my face when he was pretending. How can you be mad when you wake up to that? ūüôā Following that I went get a massage that Sal bought and coordinated for me, heaven! Then we followed with the water…

¬†Yeah, who is this crazy kid?!?! You may be asking what is he doing? Well that look of determination and concentration is because he’s trying to throw his buggers on me. Yep, all boy.

To finish the night off we made carne asada taco’s and homemade guacamole. I could seriously live off of Mexican food!

Randsburg, CA

We headed up to Randsburg¬†CA today. It’s about¬†22 miles up the road from Ridgecrest but we had never been! Crazy huh? Randsburg is an old mining town, and was formed in 1895. They have a ton of old antique shops, saloons, and a general store. The weather is probably somewhere in the 60’s right now and it was perfect outside.

The picture above is an old train donated by the Butte Mine to Ransburg way back when.

This is an old press. I have no idea what they pressed with it but its massive.

Two old cars, love the texture on them.

We had lunch at the old Saloon, then went across the street to the General Store and got some Malts! Yum!

This was the painting above the bar at the General Store.

Ahaha, my little copy cat! Not the greatest picture but I wasnt expecting him to get on the floor like me. Haha!

Love it!

About the only time I can get a picture of him without him yelling at me. ūüôā He’s all tuckered out. ūüôā

Men and Angels….

Snow that is…

Hey, I never said we were artists. Well, maybe Roman, he added the “hair”. I think he kinda looks like Elvis.

This is my snow angel with Romans on the right. He wasnt too sure about laying down in the snow.

His second attempt. He did seem to enjoy eating it though.

We had sooo much fun today! The snow is supposed to return tonight and all of us in Ridgecrest welcome it.

The whole town closed down because we here is So. Cal. don’t¬†know how to drive in snow. Including me. The base was still open, but my amazing boss approved my leave to go play in the snow. Unfortunately he’s talking about retiring, and I’m¬†not looking forward to it. I feel like¬†I have a lot to learn, and he’s got a¬†lot to teach. Like finesse.¬†By the way, I tried to have some today when I was bummed about going into work, didn’t¬†work out so well, but compared to two years ago, it was marvelous. I’ll just keep trying.

Snow Day in So. Cal.

It’s snowing!

It never snows here, so when it does everyone comes out to play! You can tell Roman has my skin here. We turn bright red when were hot or cold.

And here he is (above) throwing his first snowball. 

We had so much fun! It says it’s supposed to snow all night and in to tomorrow. Check back in tomorrow if you don’t¬†live here and find out. To complete the post, some artsy fartsy¬†stuff. By the way, I printed¬†out some of the pictures I’ve¬†played with in Photoshop, and they look nothing like what they do on my screen. I wonder what they look like on your computer. No matter. I’ll still play with the less important shots.

Okay, I didn’t do much to the Palm Tree, but I though it was great to see the snow on the leaves.

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

If you’ve lived in Ridgecrest for any amount of time chances are that you have walked by or driven by this house for a long time. Sal, Roman, and I went to look at the decorations today and happened to meet the owner of the house. On our way there we were talking about how interesting the history of the house must be and who we imagined to live there, and we were both totally off the mark. While we figured it was an older couple it is in fact a younger gentleman that actually worked on the Wizard of Oz along with other various productions. He is also very passionate about the environment and very involved in a project that focuses on the health of children and how it relates to the environment. He was a pleasure to meet and I hope to be able to get to know him better. The decorations will be on display until January with a full show happening out front on Christmas Eve. I look forward to going back again to watch the show!¬†This¬†experience is what makes me love Ridgecrest.