My Mail!!!

Do you remember the post about Roman checking the mail? Well I’ve been waiting for these bad boys since August 30th, about the same time I got my new washer and dryer. A company here in town, I wont name names, had them since the 10th of September, but never called. Ugh, but I have them now! Yay! Now, to get them under the washer and dryer….

Fall is Officially Here

The plan was to go to Murray Farms near Bakersfield today to pick a pumpkin, but as we were heading out-of-town we decided against it since the weather was increasingly getting worse. Fall is officially here. So I decided to finally decorate for Halloween today.  I know it’s a week away, but as all my friends and family know I am always late when it comes to holidays and birthdays. Anyways, I got the decorations out of the garage and realized I don’t have jack for Halloween decorations, so we went and bought some. As we were looking around it was clear that I was late to the game because only the crappy decorations were left. About the only thing I did find was this wreath, which is fine because it’s not only for Halloween, it’s for all of Fall, and since I’m not big on decorating (except for Christmas) its perfect!