Trona Sunrise

I got up unbelievably early today to head down the road about 20 minutes to Trona, CA. I wanted to catch the sunrise, but without someone counting on me I wouldnt have gotten up. So I called my Dad and asked him to go with me. It was his birthday yesterday, so I thought while we were in Trona we would have breakfast with his granddaughter and my niece Lexi.

For those who don’t know what type of town Trona is I’ll break it down really quick. If you blink you miss it. It smells like rotten eggs because it’s home to a Borax mine. The highschool football team plays on a dirt field. It used to have a HUGE salt water public pool. The roads are red.  A lot of movies were filmed here including but not limited to The Planet of the Apes; that desert scene…ya that’s Trona.  The people are close-knit and are very protective of each other and the town. 

While I hate mornings, Trona did not disappoint. The clouds colored the sky with blues an pinks and oranges. Beautiful. 

Trona has a lot of abandoned houses and for lack of a better word…junk, laying everywhere. That’s not a bad thing though! It makes for some cool photo’s. This was my first time shooting a sunrise, and I learned a couple of things. You need a tri-pod. My dad bought me one, but my brain didn’t wake up and remember this morning :). And you need a coffee. Got one of those a little later in the day.

I plan on going back and trying again soon. The scenery would lend itself to HDR so easily. I’m excited to see how that works out! BTW that’s really teal you see through the window. That wasnt me.

I really like over saturated processing right now. Or desaturating to get a B&W. Maybe it’s because I’m a beginner :).

One of the coolest murals I’ve seen in a long time.

One of the mines.

Enjoy your weekend!


Shades of Grey or Full Color?

What a long but good day! Roman and I were outside getting our daily dose of fun when I noticed the sunset. Sunsets are beautiful here, but not usually in the winter. In the winter, you get up early to check out the sunrise. I liked how the window showed how brilliant and bright the colors were in the sky, and by no means are my windows clean.  I didn’t do anything to this picture. It’s straight out of camera (SOOC). I was once critiqued on a picture I took of the sky here and the comments were along the lines of  “gotta love polarizing filters” “it’s a bit over saturated for my taste” etc. I had no idea what a polarizing filters was, and I had never done anything in Photoshop beyond save the pictures so I could post them and take the pictures off of the camera. The sunsets are really that beautiful here.

Sal got more work on his tattoo today. It is coming out soo nice. I’m amazed at how much detail Sal’s tattoo artist can achieve with shades of grey.  The talent that Sal’s tattoo artist has is amazing! It doesn’t hurt that he’s from here too, so when he comes home about every other week Sal get’s tattooed in the comfort of his own home. I’m totally jealous. To have such a meaningful tattoo and to be able to work on it where Gigi is, is simply special.

Sunrise in Ridgecrest

As I was driving to drop Roman off this morning this is what I saw. AMAZING. I know that our sunsets are beautiful, but I’ve never really paid attention to the sunrise.

Roman has been asking to go see the horses and feed them carrots since yesterday.  So after work I picked him up, went and bought a bag of carrots, and went to BLM. These wild horses are so amazingly beautiful. I grew up owning horses and riding, and still try to go whenever I get the opportunity. Unfortunately, I have developed horrible allergies to them that makes it miserable to go riding. I even felt the effects from just visiting.  Roman luckily doesn’t have that problem and fed them every single carrot and petted these sweethearts right here. He loves horses. Maybe I’ll have to go get the Benadryl shot.

P.S. This was my experiment in Photoshop today.