This is Monkey a.k.a. Roman’s best buddy. Luke got him for Roman on his 1st Birthday and has been with Roman since then. When we realized Monkey wouldn’t last forever we went to buy another one just to find out that they weren’t selling Monkey’s anymore. So we contacted friends and family to start the Great Monkey Search. Well Sal’s sister found them so we ordered two. That should fix everything right? NO! It’s not THE MONKEY. Roman twirls the silk tag and its tattered and frayed and the other Monkey’s didn’t have the same tag and weren’t broken in. So we had two extra Monkey’s….until V ate one. Yeah so now we have one sitting in a closet… Hopefully this one never falls apart….well more than it already is.

On another note it seems I always pull some picture and something to write about out of thin air. Unfortunately I’m never fully satisfied with either. With work and school and being mom and wife I’m lacking on time. Hopefully throughout the year I can take some time and put out a product Im happy with.


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  1. Mom
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 21:17:33

    Honey, your pictures are always wonderful but to me the story you tell is as, or more important than your picture.


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