Organized Chaos

Lately I’ve been on a bender about being organized. Paperwork scattered about the house has been driving me crazy, and on top of that I hated my old white filling cabinet, so I never put anything in it. Well yesterday I went to Staples and bought a cherry wood 2 drawer filling cabinet/night stand for the guest room :). Hey, who doesn’t like multipurpose furniture? I also bought a ton of different file folders and these are some of them. I could have done the right thing and bought the cheap plain tan ones, but I opted for the colorful pretty ones. Who wants to be EXTRA bored when organizing?

I am not an over organized person at all, but lately I have this urge to de-clutter and simplify. I’m not sure if there is a reason behind this or if it’s just that things have gotten out of control. Hopefully this helps…now I need to figure out how I’m going to categorize all of my paperwork…oh no….


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