Are You Effing Kidding Me?

I finished the first week of my second term today. At the end of each week a test with essay and multiple choice answers is due.  This didnt seems like a problem last term. Maybe because the classes were pretty easy. Case Law and Intro to the school.  This term however is no joke! I have 6 chapters (more than 300 pages) to read and test on by next Tuesday, and that’s only 1 class! The other class has 2 chapters thank goodness! I think my construction teacher guy is off his rocker! Be forwarned that I may not get a chance to visit your blogs 😦 as frequently or respond as soon as I usually do. This school thing is really getting in the way of everything fun in my life… Ugh. But….Im almost done!!!!!!!!! Plus, who am I kidding I actually love school. Im nerdy like that. 😉