Terrorism, For a Dog Anyways.

My parents are out of town right now, and left their dog (who used to be mine a hundred years ago) with us until they get back.  This dog (Klyde) and my dad became so attached when I had my dad watch him for a little while, way back in the day, that there was no way I was getting him back.  However this week he’s all mine again.  Klyde is not a very friendly dog. He’s stolen food out of Romans hands many times, nipping him in the process a couple, he barks forever, he’s aggressive or standoffish towards other dogs, and he constantly needs to be held….when he’s at my parents. However, he’s completely different when he’s at my house.  He steers clear of Roman when he has food, he barely barks, he listens, doesn’t need to be held constantly, and he tolerates my dog.

Im sure my dad freaked out as soon as he read this headline muhahahaha, but everything is undercontrol okay.

Our captor guest hanging with Roman, willingly of course.

Klyde, waiting for a hero.

All kidding aside, Klyde is fine and is in bed with Roman right now sleeping the night away, together.  See you this weekend Mom and Dad!