Oh No! She’s At It Again!

This picture is hilarious! So if you read yesterday’s Blog you know today is Sals¬†Birthday! Unfortunately he’s not in any of the pictures because he’s in math class right now. Yech. So I’m letting you in on a little secret that he doesn’t even know about….I baked. You may be asking what’s the big deal about that? Well if you have read previous blog posts you know I don’t bake. I almost detest it. However I decided to try again. This time I made some Red Velvet cupcakes from scratch. Well kind of Red Velvet, I didn’t have Coco. So maybe they are just cupcakes with red dye in them, I’m still going with the Red Velvet thing though :).

Poor little Fat Face and I stayed home from work today. He’s still sick. I tried to take him to the Dr. but as luck would have it, the one and only at Urgent Care was on his lunch break, and on our way home Roman fell asleep for a little over three hours. By the time he woke up and came to the Dr’s office would have been closed. Ugh. Hopefully he’s a little better tomorrow. ūüė¶

Well I’m off to try to frost these bad boys. Not sure if I’m going to make my frosting from scratch or use the¬†stuff in a jar yet. I’m leaning towards the stuff that’s¬†ready to go, hehe.

Early Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Sal’s birthday a day early today. Sal will be 32 tomorrow, but since it’s Sunday it was easier to get everyone together today. This was one of the best birthday celebrations for Sal to date. Well…Cabo was nice, but I liked this a ton too. We made a yummy dinner of Tri-Tip, baked Asparagus, rolls, and a Parisian Salad. We celebrated this year sans alcohol, which isn’t a big deal but it was much nicer. Weird how that seems more appealing when you grow up. ūüôā

Just incase you couldn’t¬†tell…my parents are on the left, Sal’s¬†are on the right. Hehe. I’m sure I have said it before, but I got really lucky with my in-laws. They are both so sweet and welcoming.

Here is the birthday boy and his helper. I think this might have been the¬†second or¬†third time they blew out the candles ūüôā Ahhh…..poor little Roman is sick though. Can you see it in his eyes? I an not sure what he has, but if he’s not a little better by tomorrow were going to the Dr. Ugh, nothing better than a sick kid and the Dr. on your birthday. ūüė¶

So….Im sure everyone is dying to know what Sal got for his birthday?! He got a new computer that I want to steal, a circular saw from my parents, and a couple more things, but since it’s not his real¬†birthday yet its a surprise.¬†As I said earlier in the post, this birthday was amazing! Good food and good company! What more do you need?

The Look of Surprise….Priceless


Half-Assed Sabitical, Here I Come!!!

Let me start off by saying I ABSOLUTELY love taking pictures. I love playing with them in PSE and I love posting them for all to see, but I am soooo¬†frikin¬†tired. I feel like I have run¬†10 miles and back and did it again. It has nothing to do with photography and everything else to do with whats going on in my life. There’s nothing horrible going on or extremely taxing (anymore), but I am exhausted.

Now please don’t¬†think that I’m¬†complaining in this next part; I’m¬†just merely¬†explaining a little. I go to school full-time, work full-time, and have a little family. I am beyond busy and getting on the computer after doing homework or whatever-it-is-I-do-that-sucks-my-energy-out, is the last thing I feel like doing right now. However, I made a pledge to myself to do this 365 photo challenge and I have been amazed at how much I have learned and at how much I have fallen in love with photography. I know I have missed a few days, and a lot more than¬†a few days have been sub par¬†pictures, even for my standards, and I don’t¬†have high ones when it comes to my ownbpersonal photography :)~, but I plan to keep going. I may not write as much, post¬†multiple pictures, or comment as frequently on other peoples¬†amazing blogs for a week or so. It’s¬†okay though, because when I come after my half-assed sabbatical, I’m coming back full force!

Give the Feet Some Love!

Short post tonight. I’m trying to relax and wash away all this tension I have, so I took a hot bath and painted these pretty little piggies!

Cowboys and Grandsons

Grandpa came over today to give Roman a wrist watch he got when he retired. It’s always nice when Grandpa stops by. I’m sure I have talked about it before but Grandpa and Roman are best friends. Out of Grandpa’s kids, we are all girls, and out of all our kids, they are all girls except….Roman. Yep. Now that doesn’t mean that Roman is his favorite, he’s just his favorite boy. Lately though Grandpa has been requesting a girl.¬†And frankly that scares me. Grandpa already spoils Roman, and I can only imagine our little girl getting spoiled like only a grandpa can spoil his little granddaughter. ūüôā

It has and is really important to me that Grandpa and Roman have a strong bond, and so far I think we’ve done a pretty good job. Heck, Roman wants to hang out with Grandpa more than he does us. This summer will probably be the beginning to a lot of fishing memories for Roman¬†and Grandpa, and I’ll be there with camera in hand.


I read¬†Kim Klassen’s blog a lot and she picks a word every year as her motto. I have never done that before, and to tell you the truth I wasnt going to. While I thought it was a great idea and I loved reading why she choose her word, I figured goals were enough for me this year. That is until I had the urge to do something drastic; like cut my hair! My hair is thick and finally healthy again and down to my waist. I love the color, I love the cut, so why would I want to cut my hair?

Well, my dear cousin pointed out something to me years ago that even I didn’t¬†know about myself. I tend to cut my hair or get a tattoo when something big is going on in my life.¬† I try to pay more¬†attention now when I start to feel like that.¬† So I started paying attention today, and came to some conclusions. This year is all about change. Change for the better. I am changing, Sal is changing, and Roman is changing. I couldn’t¬†specifically tell you what I’m¬†changing, because I’m¬†not sure yet. I feel this urge to go do something big. I have always had this driven nature, and I’m¬†not sure where it will take me. I feel that I perform best during high pressure situations and where I have a lot of responsibility. Who’s knows though, maybe I will learn to love low pressure and the slow lane this year. Sal is going back to school and making big moves when it comes to work. Both of which are huge things! And Roman, well Roman is constantly in a state of change. He’s learning more and more every day. He’s growing right in front of my eyes! This year he will be switching from the home¬†day care that he’s been at since he was 3 months old to preschool. With all of the change, it’s that one change of Roman’s that is getting to me the most.

I feel like he’s been there so long they are his family and he is their family. I worry about how he will like school, and if I am making the right decision. His day care provider has taught him a ton, and loved him like his own. I worry about the bond they have and if separating them is the right thing to do. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that I am making the wrong decision, but in the end I know that preschool will be great, and she will always be involved one way or another. After all, she is one of my dearest friends. And when we have another one, I hope she’ll be ready to take crazy Ramirez kid #3!

Post For a Long Weekend

This weekend was full of fun!¬† Sal and I started out on Olvera¬†Street, CA yesterday. Basically it’s little Mexico.¬† The street isn’t¬†that long but it’s full of history. The oldest house in Los Angeles is actually on Olvera¬†Street. Apparently there is some movement to tear it down. I hope it doesn’t¬†happen. I don’t¬†understand why we have to tear down something so beautiful and historical to make room for something new. I took a ton of pictures but I’m only going to put up a few. Enjoy.

After Olvera¬†Street we headed to our hotel and relaxed for a little bit before the USA vs Chile game. The game was at the Home Depot Stadium. The stadium was great! I don’t think that you could get a bad seat in there. The game was a ton of fun with USA and Chile tieing.¬† It went by so fast that I wanted it to keep going :). So far Hockey and Soccer are my favorite sports to watch live.

Since I don’t¬†want to cheat, here’s a fast picture that I took of the sunset on the way home. It’s not anything special but I HAD to have a picture for today. I hope everyone’s weekend was as good as mine!


This bag symbolizes an internal struggle for me. Sal and I are leaving tomorrow for the weekend, and we packed Roman’s bag tonight so things would go smoother in the morning.¬† I have been so excited to get out-of-town¬†and spend some time with Sal one-on-one, but as I look at this bag I start feeling like I don’t¬†want to go. I do this every time. If I go on travel I have the same struggle, if Sal and I go somewhere, yep, same struggle. He was such a perfect little guy today it makes it even harder! He was silly and lovey. My favorite combination. Its making me sad just writing¬†this, so I think I’m gonna go watch a movie or do some homework. Have a good night.

I’ll take some good conversation please!

I didn’t¬†post last night, but I did take this picture. Instead of posting I went over to a dear friends house and had the yummy stuff you see in the picture, along with some lasagna she made. We talked for many hours, about what was bothering us, about what makes a good friend, about where we were coming from, about what were planning, how were feeling, and many more things. It was filled with a range of emotions from seriousness and some tense moments to big belly laughs. A friend is more than someone you always get along with or someone who¬†tells you what you want to hear. A good friend is someone who disagree’s with you at times but makes a point to understand where you are coming from. A good friend is there for you when you need them, they hold their tounge when the other is obviously not in the right mind and a good friend¬†gives unconditional support when the other needs it.¬† They find happiness in what the other finds happiness in, and they never judge how a person mourns.

I was supposed to go on a hike this morning with this friend, but woke up feeling yucky. So hopefully this friend understands that, and accepts my rain check. Maybe I’ll go and cheer her on at her 10k next weekend in Death Valley as a way to make it up to her :).

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