Trial and Error, Lots of Error…

Sal’s little brother is in town right now, so after we put Roman to bed the boys played NBA 11 on PS3 or something like that (not really my thing) so I set out on a mission. I have wanted to take a picture of Ridgecrest at night for a while, and tonight gave me the perfect opportunity. I learned a lot. Like I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m learning! Trial and error right? This picture was taken on top of the roof of the truck and what you see on the bottom of the picture is the reflection. I’m sure this picture wont win a contest but I think its frikin awesome.

This was my attempt at a self-portrait tonight. It didn’t turn out like I thought it would, but again, I like the look and plan to play at night again sometime soonish.

On another note. Sal, Cadena, Keith, Roman, and Rilynn signed up to walk for the March of Dimes this April. It is very near and dear to all of our hearts and I’m looking forward to it. Check it out and help support the cause if you want.